Chlorine is a chemical element with the symbol Cl and atomic number 17. Chlorine gas appears yellow-green in colour. Chlorine is used to sterilise drinking water and commonly known as a method of sterilising swimming pool water. However, most chlorine is used in the chemical industry with typical applications including bleaching, paper mills (bleaching pulp), disinfection, water treatment as well as within the plastics and chemical Industry.

Chlorine itself is not flammable, but it can react explosively or form explosive compounds with other chemicals such as turpentine and ammonia.

Chlorine is sometimes in the form of a poisonous gas.

Chlorine gas can be recognised by its pungent, irritating odour, which is like the odour of bleach. The strong smell may provide adequate warning to people that they are exposed.

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Products for Chlorine Detection
Portable Detectors

Fully ruggedised for the toughest of industrial environments.

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Gas Pro

A confined space gas detector.

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Gas-Pro PID

Monitor a wide range of gas types and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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Multi-gas monitor for temporary areas.

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Detective Wireless

Gas monitoring module that can replace interconnecting cables for Detective+.

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Triple Plus+

Latest generation of the “Triple” family of toxic, oxygen and flammable gas detectors.

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Fixed Detectors

Fixed multi gas detector.

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Xgard Bright

Now available with MPS technology.

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Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) toxic and oxygen gas detector with local LCD display.

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SIL2 certified fixed gas detector with options for the detection of over 50 flammable, toxic and refrigerant gases.

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Point gas detector for safe areas with a number of features for easy operation and maintenance.

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