Ethylene is a hydrocarbon gas produced from natural gas, coal gas, and crude oil. It is used in the creation and manufacture of a plethora of materials and substances, including fabricated plastics, antifreeze, fibres, ethylene oxide, polyethylene for plastics, alcohol, and other organics.

A hydrocarbon gas produced from natural gas, coal gas, and crude oil.

If inhaled the gas can damage the respiratory system, as well as cause frostbite when coming into contact with skin.

Symptoms of ethylene exposure include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, light-headedness, and confusion.

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  • Discover how to know when you’ve been exposed to Ethylene
  • Learn what steps to take to protect your team
  • Understand how to detect, measure and report Ethylene
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Products for Ethylene Detection
Portable Detectors

A compact and fully ruggedised single gas detector for the toughest of industrial environments.

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Multi-gas monitor for temporary areas.

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Tetra 3

Compact, robust and easy-to-use diffusion based detector.

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Fixed Detectors

Fixed multi gas detector.

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TXgard Plus

Flameproof (Ex d), ATEX, IECEx certified toxic or oxygen gas detector with local LCD display.

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SIL2 certified fixed gas detector ideal for  a variety of industrial applications, capable of monitoring toxic, flammable and refrigerant gases in harsh environments and classified areas.

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Flamgard Plus

Flameproof (Ex d) pellistor-based flammable gas detector with display & 4-20m.

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SIL2 certified fixed gas detector designed to meet the toughest industrial standards.

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