Hydrogen Cyanide


Hydrogen cyanide is a colourless or light blue liquid or gas that is extremely flammable. It has a faint bitter almond odour, though not everyone is able to detect this. Hydrogen cyanide is released from some raw and unprocessed edible plants when they are damaged or digested by the body.

Has a faint bitter almond odour.

HCN has many uses such as the manufacture of paints, plastics, synthetic fibres (i.e. nylon) and other chemicals being its primary use.

Early signs of exposure to hydrogen cyanide include headache, a feeling of sickness, dizziness and confusion.

Download our Hydrogen Cyanide factsheet and:
  • Discover how to know when you’ve been exposed to HCN
  • Learn what steps to take to protect your team
  • Understand how to detect, measure and report HCN
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Products for Hydrogen Cyanide Detection
Portable Monitors

A multi gas detector offering 5 gas support as well as a dedicated pre-entry check mode and optional pump feature.

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Gas-Pro TK

Ideal for flammable gas detection at any concentration.

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Fixed Detector

SIL2 certified fixed gas detector with options for the detection of over 50 flammable, toxic and refrigerant gases.

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