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The Challenge of Detecting Hydrogen Gas

Hydrogen is set to play a vital role in producing cleaner energy. With the shift to hydrogen as a clean fuel, and the emphasis on its usage globally, it is important for the relevant people, within industries that utilise hydrogen, to gain a full awareness of the dangers and impact of this shift. Our webinar will explore this matter in more depth and focus on the challenges of detecting hydrogen gas.

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Understanding the newest technology in gas detection

Developed by NevadaNano, Molecular Property Spectrometer (MPS™) sensors represent the new generation of flammable gas detectors. MPS™ can quickly detect 18 characterised flammable gases at once. Explore the newest technology in gas detection. Our product managers and Gary Collins, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Nevada Nano explain all.

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Sensing Technology

Interested in knowing more about the ins and outs of gas safety? Our webinar will explore the basic components of gas safety, what different certifications are and what they mean, how to know which detector is suitable to your application and industry and key things to look out for.

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An Introduction to Sensit by Crowcon – New Air Quality Monitoring Range

An overview of the global air quality issue and an introduction to Sensit by Crowcon, our new range of air quality monitoring products. Hosted by fixed and air quality product manager Ayudh Datta and Dr Jacob Melby, product development manager for Sensit by Crowcon.

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The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Explore the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) with Crowcon product manager Dominic Feeney.

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An Introduction to Engineered Fixed Systems (EFS)

An introduction into Crowcon’s engineered fixed systems (EFS) offering, hosted by Crowcon fixed product manager Ayudh Datta and Andy Avenell, Crowcon’s Head of Sales Support.

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How to minimise Gas Exposure in Hazardous Areas

Explore how to minimise gas exposure in hazardous areas with Crowcon’s XgardIQ fixed gas detector.

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Gas detection requirement in Water/waste water industry

Learn about processes in water and waste water treatment, with focus on gas detection opportunities and our key differences. Case study on sampling solution like ESU will be included

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T4 & TWA Resume

Learn what WELs are and why they are important, see how innovative features such as TWA resume allow Crowcon to deliver the most accurate TWA tracking in the industry

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