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Battery Safety – A Growing Energy Source with Special Risks

Battery safety is paramount as we embrace cleaner energy solutions. With the rise of electric vehicles and renewable energy storage, ensuring safe battery production, distribution, and usage is crucial. With over 50 years’ experience in gas detection, Crowcon has thorough knowledge of the hazards surrounding battery energy storage systems (BESS), making us the ideal partner for holistic battery safety.

The explosive rise of thermal runaway and how you can prevent it

With the role of lithium-ion batteries growing in sustainability, proactive safety measures are essential. Read about the safety challenges and how Crowcon can help BESS prevent thermal runaway in “The Battery Boom” eBook. Learn strategies for strengthening your safety protocol, understanding off-gassing dynamics, and prioritising gas detection.

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Lithium-ion battery safety risks

With the widespread use of lithium-ion batteries and increased production demands, understanding their volatile and combustible nature is crucial. So, what are the risks?


Lithium-ion batteries can catch fire due to thermal runaway, a chain reaction where the battery overheats, leading to electrolyte decomposition and gas generation. This can ignite the flammable electrolyte, causing intense fires that are difficult to extinguish and can spread rapidly, posing significant safety hazards.


In extreme cases, thermal runaway in lithium-ion batteries can lead to violent explosions. The rapid buildup of pressure from gas generation within the battery can rupture its enclosure, resulting in an explosion with the potential to cause severe injuries and property damage.

Gas Leaks

Thermal runaway in lithium-ion batteries can release hazardous gases such as hydrogen fluoride (HF) and other flammable compounds. These gases can escape from the battery, posing risks of chemical exposure to nearby individuals and environments, with potential long-term health effects.

Oxygen deficiency

During thermal runaway, lithium-ion batteries can consume oxygen from their surroundings, leading to oxygen deficiency in enclosed spaces. Therefore closely monitoring oxygen levels plays a crucial role in personnel safety during clean-up operations.

Early detection, preventative protection

The early detection of off-gases is pivotal to containing thermal runaway. Investing in protection and detection is a minor expenditure when compared to the costs of a thermal runaway fire or explosion, which can potentially result in almost immeasurable loss. Put simply, can you afford to do nothing?

Crowcon’s solution empowers users with early off-gassing detection, providing a critical advantage by alerting them before a battery reaches the dangerous precipice of thermal runaway.

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Battery safety: Solutions for detection and protection

Detect lithium-ion battery issues at the earliest possible indication of failure to minimise risks and maintain control.

Xgard Bright
With it's capability to detect EMCs and DMCs, Xgard Bright with MPS provides early detection of off-gassing to give you the best possible chance of containing thermal runaway.
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Our new and improved portable multi gas monitor you can take almost anywhere. Now with MPS technology to ensure your workers are kept safe from the various gas hazards present in battery storage facilities.
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A compact and lightweight package designed for use in the toughest environments, now complete with MPS sensor to protect you from a wide variety of flammable gases which are present in battery storage applications.
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