FGard H2 Flame Detector



Introducing the Fgard H2 by Crowcon, a breakthrough in Hydrogen Flame Detection.

In industries reliant on hydrogen, the inherent challenge of detecting its colorless gas and flame presents a critical safety concern. Traditional multi-spectral flame detectors are insufficient for this task, as they lack the capability to discern hydrogen flames. Fgard H2 is optimised exclusively for hydrogen flame detection, ensuring your people and your facilities are kept safe.

Fast detection time

Fgard H2 delivers unparalleled performance, with a response time of just 4 seconds. This remarkable speed is validated for a 36-inch plume size hydrogen flame at a distance of 40 meters, ensuring swift and reliable detection even in demanding industrial environments.

Heated optics

Intelligent heated optics – No condensation / ice / water

Advanced optical verification – No reflector

Automatic test verifies cleanliness of the lens and electronic circuitry. No reflector optical check and large optical surface results in far fewer false alarms.


Setting a new standard in reliability, Fgard H2 comes with a market-leading 5 year warranty period for a hydrogen flame detector. This commitment to quality is underscored by the endorsement of Factory Mutual (FM), validating the performance of Fgard H2.

Fire and Gas Hazard Detection Review Service

Crowcon recognizes the complexities inherent to each industrial site, as well as the nuances of gas and flame behaviour, and we highly recommend incorporating a comprehensive fire and gas mapping assessment into the detector selection process. Our dedicated Fire and Gas Hazard Detection Review Service provides invaluable insights tailored to your specific needs, enhancing overall safety and efficiency.


Operating temp -60°C to +85°C (-76°F to +185°F)
Storage temp -60°C to +85°C (-76°F to +185°F)
Humidity 0-100 % RH (Non-condensing)
Operating voltage 24 Vdc Nominal – (Range 18 to 32 Vdc)
Power consumption 3W minimum (without heater), 12 W maximum (with heater).
Speed of response 2-5 seconds (Typical) at 40 m (131 feet)
Dimensions 100 mm Dia x 200 mm (4” Dia x 8” L)
Material Copper free aluminum or 316 stainless steel
Entry size 3/4 inch NPT or M25
Weight Alu 5.5 lbs (2.5 Kg) / SS 13.2 lbs (6.0kg)
Outputs Relay contacts (DPDT 2A at 30Vdc) – alarm and fault.
0-20mA plus fault alerts, HART®
Certifications Class 1 Div 1 Groups B, C, D T4 Ambient –50°C to +85°C
Class 1 Zone 1 AEx/Ex db IIC T4 Ambient –50°C to +85°C
ATEX II 2 G Ex db IIC T4
IECEx Ex db IIC T4 Ambient –60°C to +85°C
INMETRO Ex db IIC T4 – Pending
PESO Ex db IIC T4 Ta= -60°C to +85°C – Pending
Performance approvals FM 3260
EN 54-10
Ingress – IP67 /NEMA type 6P
SIL2 – IEC 61508


Below is a small selection of the accessories available for the FGard H2

Tilt mount

Crowcon flame simulator



Vertical to horizontal mounting adaptor



Standard mounting bracket 316 stainless steel

Standard mounting bracket 316 stainless steel



Detector sealing kit - metric (IP washers and O-rings)

Detector sealing kit – metric (IP washers and O-rings)



FGard Sunshield

FGard Sunshield



2 inch pole mount kit

2″ pole mount kit



3 inch pole mount kit

3″ pole mount kit



4 inch pole mount kit

4″ pole mount kit



Flame simulator spare charger

Flame simulator spare charger