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Enhancing Safety in Hydrogen Transportation
Effective and precise gas detection for hydrogen is crucial. This odourless gas is highly flammable which, combined with its invisible flame, makes the early detection of leaks paramount in ensuring the safety of those around it. Crowcon were able to provide cutting-edge hydrogen-detection technology to a leading hydrogen refuelling company, to safeguard their personnel and […]
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Xgard Bright MPS provides hydrogen detection in energy storage application
SAFT has been energising the world for over 100 years, their longer lasting batteries and systems have provided critical safety applications, back-up power and propulsion for our customers. Since 2016, SAFT has been wholly-owned subsidiary of TotalEnergies, a broad energy company that produces and markets energies on a global scale. As a leading battery company, […]
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Environmental & Gas Monitoring Ltd and Crowcon provide chlorine detection solution for Scottish Water
Scottish Water are the sole provider of Scotland’s water and wastewater services. Their services support 2.61m households and over 150,000 business premises across Scotland, supplying 1.52bn litres of water daily and treating 1.1bn litres of wastewater every day across 1,834 wastewater treatment works. Environmental & Gas Monitoring (EGM) Ltd specialise in the supply, hire, calibration, […]
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AMS Equipment Limited and Crowcon ensure the safety of Scottish whisky workforce
AMS Equipment Limited is a long established equipment and services supplier that provides tailored solutions to ensure the safety of workforces, productivity and assets, even in tough conditions. When a leading Scottish distiller approached the firm for gas detection to secure the safe production of single malts, Crowcon was delighted to support. AMS Equipment Limited […]
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A US Fire Department provide protection of people and property – with CO Gasman
Emergency Service Personnel encounter gas related risks as part of their jobs. However, immediate evaluation of their surroundings is key upon arrival as well as continuous monitoring whilst in a rescue situation are vital for the health of all those involved. This case study features a State Fire Department who provide protection of people and […]
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Crowcon keeping health workers and patients safe at the frontline of Covid-19
The Covid-19 pandemic pushed both the healthcare system and its workers to the very limit, with oxygen management in hospitals becoming a particular challenge for health systems worldwide. This case study features hospital wards across a number of NHS Trust hospitals, in which there was a high dependency for oxygen on intensive care wards and […]
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Ensuring an uninterrupted power supply for the patients and staff undertaking and undergoing life saving treatments within hospitals is an incredibly important task. Crowcon were privileged to support Powerstar in their efforts to do just this at Rotherham General Hospital. Powerstar – Resilient Power Sheffield-based Powerstar are smart energy solutions manufacturers and designers, working hard […]
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Crowcon designs and installs CO2 monitoring for a large brewery in a listed building
The Need The history of brewing is long and honourable – it is thought that, long before London’s medieval citizens were making beer in their kitchens, it was enjoyed by the Greeks and Romans. By the 1400s, the UK’s religious communities were at the heart of commercial beer brewing, with St Paul’s Cathedral alone churning […]
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Crowcon Connect Streamlines and Improves Rental Fleet Management for Contronix
A Background in Previous Partnerships Contronix is an Austrian company that specialises in both portable and fixed gas detection systems; this means they’re responsible for selling and maintaining lots of different devices in various locations. For example, Contronix uses Crowcon products – including the Gas-Pro, Gasman, Tetra 3 and T4– in its rental fleet of detectors, […]
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