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Combustion Analyzers

The all-in-one Flue Gas Analyzer
for HVAC, heating and plumbing contractors

Seven devices, all-in-one

More than just a Flue Gas Analyzer

1. Flue Gas Analyzer
2. Pressure tester
3. Ambient air monitor
4. Tightness tester
5. Differential temperature monitor
6. Room safety tester
7. Gas leak detector


Why you need the Sprint Pro


Many appliance manufacturers now mandate the use of a combustion analyzer when installing, and maintaining their latest generation of high efficiency products.

Get the installation right first time and lower the risk of reputation damage or lost time on call backs with Sprint Pro.

Suitable for all appliances powered by gas, oil, coal or wood pellets, in residential or commercial environments.

Efficient. Reliable. Robust.


Improve efficiency

No need to purchase, carry, store, charge, calibrate and transport multiple devices

Long lasting

Category leading high capacity, fast-charging battery, for improved longevity

Stay on the job

Fast start-up time and auto self-purging on shut-off which extends sensor life

Troubleshooting built in

Helps you perform tests quickly, safely and accurately

Damage protection

Spend more time working and less time waiting for repairs

Robust construction

Made from the same material as motorbike helmets

Which Sprint Pro is right for you?


We have a range of Sprint Pro models to cater for all usage cases and budgets.





Comparison Chart UK

Comparison Chart USA

Anton by Crowcon



Established in 1975, the Telegan brand was well known for its flue gas analyzers and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) related products. Acquired by Crowcon’s parent company Halma plc in 1993, Telegan has now been fully integrated into Crowcon and benefits from the same quality, engineering and customer support capabilities.

Anton Industrial Services has acted as Crowcon’s exclusive sales and servicing partner for HVAC products for many years and as of May 2021 has also been acquired by Halma plc and integrated into Crowcon.

Sprint Pro USA

Headquartered in Michigan
Local calibration centers across the USA



USA Silver Award in the Testing & Monitoring Products category of the 2020 Dealer Design Awards, honoring exemplary manufacturing and design of products servicing the HVACR industry.

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