ADT 200 Differential Temperature Kit 1

The ADT 200 Differential Temperature Kit 1 includes the the ADT 200 Differential Thermometer along with protective hard carry case, x2 AS10/Clamp pipe probes (up to 28mm) and flexible wire air probe.

The ADT 200 Differential Thermometer is a differential digital thermometer with Range 0.1°C (-99.9 to 299.9°C) and Range 1°C (300 to 1372°C). The device can be used in Centigrade or Fahrenheit and is equipped with a backlit display. The device is also water resistant.


ADT 200 Differential Thermometer Kit 1

  • Differential digital thermometer Range 0.1°C (-99.9 to 299.9°C) Range 1°C (300 to 1372°C)
  • Type K probe connection(s)
  • Centigrade or Fahrenheit
  • Water resistant
  • Backlit display


  • ADT 200 Differential Thermometer
  • Protective boot with tilt stand and magnet
  • Protective hard carry case with foam insert
  • AS10/Clamp pipe probes x2 (up to 28mm)
  • Flexible wire air probe

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