Triple Plus+

Iconic Multigas Portable Monitors with IR option


Triple Plus+ is the latest generation of the respected "Triple" family of toxic, oxygen and flammable gas detectors. With over 90,000 units sold to oil and gas, chemical, utility and manufacturing companies worldwide, their combination of ruggedness, reliability, ease of use and sensor flexibility has set the standard for multigas portables.

Today's TriplePlus+ builds on this pedigree by inclusion of unique LIBRA lithium-ion battery technology and the option of infrared (IR) sensors for the measurement of flammable hydrocarbons or carbon dioxide.

Intrinsically safe, the Triple Plus+ provides enhanced facilities for safety and detector fleet managers including selection of flammable gas correction factors (so one unit can be used in several locations across a site) and annotation of the data file with user names and site names selected from pre-configured files in the unit.

IR option
IR sensors have very high resistance to interference or inhibition by other gases and are suitable for both high gas concentrations and use in inert (oxygen free) backgrounds where catalytic pellistor sensors would perform poorly.

The unique design of the Crowcon IR sensor module used in Triple Plus+ IR allows measurement of hydrocarbons at both %LEL and % volume ranges making this instrument ideal for tank and line purging applications.

  • No poisoning effects - works well where catalytic pellistors would perform poorly
  • Long life sensor and no burnout - reduced cost of ownership
  • % vol. measurement for purging applications - offers flexibility
  • % LEL measurement in air or inert backgrounds
  • Single or dual range measurement
  • IR CO2 detection, 0-5%

Clear and unambiguous

  • Piercing 85dB alarm at 1m - gives you confidence in the status of your Triple Plus+, and the environment you're working in
  • Vivid LED alarms with top visibility
  • Confidence blip, low battery and TWA warnings
  • Timed data logging with 100-hour capacity

Simple to customise

  • Wide range of electrochemical oxygen and toxic gas sensors - allows you to create your optimum 4 gas Triple plus+
  • Available for diffusion, manual aspiration or pumped sampling
  • Interchangeable sensor modules
  • Comprehensive data logging with site and user names


  • TriaxTM casing will not crack or shatter when dropped - system integrity and operation assured
  • Unique internal design will resist the harshest treatment
  • Full buoyancy - makes recovery from water possible

Easy to maintain

  • Simple WindowsTM Software interface - user menus allow calibration with or without connecting to a PC
  • QuickCal for rapid calibration


Size Rechargeable 122 x 128 x 57mm (4.75 x 5 x 2.25 inches)
Non-rechargeable 134 x 128 x 57mm (5.25 x 5 x 2.25 inches)
Weight 309g 4 gas (10.8oz)/ 340g pumped (11.9oz)333g 5 gas (11.7oz)/ 362g pumped (12.7oz)
Alarms 94dB Multiple alarm sounds allow selection of distinctive tones for different alarm levels
Dual colour red/blue flashing LED in gas hazard 
Internal vibrating alarm 
Display 128 x 64 graphic LCD with backlight, giving simultaneous display for all gas channels.
Graphic symbols for battery (with proportional indication of remaining operation time), pump operation, healthy operation or fault warning.
Start up indication when calibration is due within 30 days, calibration overdue, or service required.
Normal display for real time gas concentration levels.
Display recall for the Peak readings and TWA. 
Data logging Timed datalogging: 50 hours at 1-minute data rate (>3,000 data logs of 4 channels) Event logging >1500 events
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion battery Non rechargeable pack 3xAA Alkaline cells
Operating time Rechargeable - 12 hour minimum based on pumped four gas unit with flammable sensor
Sampling Hand aspirator or internal electric sampling pump
Operating temperature -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F)
Toxic and oxygen sensors are not rated for continuous operation at high temperatures.
Consult Crowcon if operating temperature are likely to exceed 40°C (104°F) for extended periods.
Storage -25°C to +65°C (-13°F to +149°F)
Humidity 20 to 90% RH
Ingress protection IP65
Approvals ATEX II 2G Ex ia d IIC T3 Gb (-20OC ≤ Ta ≤ 55Oc)
IECEX Ex ia d IIC T3 Gb (-20OC ≤ Ta ≤ 55Oc)
BAS04.0024 CSA
UL/cUL Class I Division I Groups A, B, C, D, T3C
Safety standards EN60079-0, EN60079-11, EN60079-1, 94/9/EC UL913, CSA22.2, 152 EN50270, EN50271, IEC61508, EN61779, EN45544
Calibration Tetra can be routinely calibrated manually using the menu, using Crowcon Protables PC software or automatically using Checkbox IMH.
Accessories Tetra is supplied with an integral belt/pocket clip.
Pumped units are supplied with a sampling kit (flowplate and 2m (6ft) tubing).


Gases and Ranges

Required ranges and alarms may vary by country and application and can be configured as required. Each gas channel can have two instantaneous alarm levels set. Toxic channels also have Time Weighted Average (TWA) alarms.

Flammable gas calibration is available for methane, propane, butane, pentane, hydrogen and ethylene as standard.

Tetra is also available in a safe area CO2 version offering 0-5% carbon dioxide measurement.

Gas Range Standard Alarm (UK)
Flammable 0-100% LEL  20% LEL
Oxygen (O2) 0-25% 19/23%
Hydrogen sulphide (H2S)  0-100ppm 5ppm
Carbon monoxide (CO) 0-500ppm 30ppm
Sulpher dioxide (SO2) 0-20ppm 1ppm
Chlorine (Cl2)* 0-20ppm 0.5ppm
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) 0-20ppm 1ppm
Ammonia (NH3) 0-100ppm 25ppm
Hydrogen 0-1000pm N/A
Hydrogen cyanide 0-25ppm 5ppm
Hydrogen fluoride 0-10ppm 1ppm
Phosphine 0-5ppm 0.2ppm
Fluorine 0-1ppm 0.1ppm
Phosgene 0-1ppm 0.1ppm
Carbon dioxide 0-5% 0.5%


















*unpumped only


Below is a small selection of the accessories available for the Crowcon Triple Plus+. For a full list please call 01235 557700 or Contact Us.

Aspirator Kit with Pouch


To enable manual sampling. Includes aspirator bulb, flow plate and 2m of standard sampling hose.

1 m Rigid Sample Probe


For sampling remotely eg into chambers during re-entry checks.

Telescopic Sample Probe


For sampling remotely eg into chambers during pre-entry checks. Extends from 85cm to 155cm.

Standard sampling hose


Supplied by the metre. Contact sales team for custom length requests.

In line water trap/particulate filter


Protects detector sensors from particles and moisture. Includes filter element.

Replacement water trap filters


Replacement filter elements for FIL29001. (Minimum order 10 elements).

LIBRA Li-ion Battery Upgrade Kit

Upgrade kit for TriplePlus+ and TriplePlus IR units originally fitted with lead acid batteries. Not compatible with original TriplePlus (units with a single battery compartment screw).

Six metre drop line


Six metre drop line for undertaking pre-entry checks with TriplePlus+.

Carrying case and belt


Carrying base and belt.

Shoulder strap


Includes slips to attach to TriplePlus+.

Baffle plate


Provides additional protection for sensor apertures in extreme conditions, for example by reducing splash and sand ingress.

Top label protective film


Self adhesive film to provide extra protection to the keypad and display.

Charger cradle, non-interface type

Specify power supply options from list. If planning to charge LIBRA lithium batteries ferrite E01083 must be fitted. This ferrite is supplied with all LIBRA batteries and all new TriplePlus+ units, but spares can also be bought separately.

Ferrite for TriplePlus+ chargers


Fit when upgrading non-interface chargers to charge both lead acid and LIBRA battery TriplePlus+ instruments. Note: A ferrite will already be supplied with every new LIBRA powered TriplePlus+ and with every spare LIBRA battery pack upgrade.

Charger cradle with PC interface connection

Specify power supply options from list (one thumbnail, list options for power supplies)

Portables PC Software CD


Enables data download, calibration and changes to instrument settings. Requires interface charger (supplied separately).

Computer lead for TriplePlus+ Interface


9 way lead for connecting TriplePlus+ Charger Interface to a PC.

Vehicle Charging lead


For vehicle lighter socket. Use with charger cradle.

Single sensor calibration adaptor


Single sensor calibration adaptor

Waist belt


Waist belt

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