IAQ8494 Ambient CO2 Detector

The IAQ8494 Ambient CO2 Detector is an easy to use handheld instrument for monitoring environmental build up of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The device has a 0-9,999ppm CO2 NDIR sensor with  an anticipated 15 year life and features a large, clear, backlit display and an adjustable audible alarm.


IAQ8494 Ambient CO2 detector

  • Monitor environmental build up of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) with this easy to use handheld instrument.
  • Compliant with BS8494
  • Review both ambient temperature as well as direct Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Large, clear, backlit display.
  • 0-9,999ppm CO2 NDIR sensor (anticipated 15 year life)
  • Adjustable audible alarm
  • Minimum/Maximum levels
  • Time weighted averages
  • Short time exposure limit
  • Backlit for confined spaces
  • Auto Power off
  • One year warranty
  • PC software (Optional)


  • IAQ8494 Ambient CO2 detector
  • Rugged blow moulded carry case
  • Mains adaptor

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