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Distilleries: The dangers of ethanol (C2H5OH) and carbon dioxide (CO2)

Monitoring ethanol and CO2 levels with a reliable gas detection solution is crucial to maintaining the well-being of employees and customers in distilleries and breweries. Gas detection is also necessary during the transportation of carbonated drinks.

Gas monitoring in mines

Ensuring safety from hazardous gases and materials has never been more important than within the harshness of mining environments. With potential hazards from carbon monoxide (CO), methane (CH4) and oxygen deficiency/enrichment, mining applications are rife with danger. With this in mind those working within them need to be suitably equipped to enter these spaces and work safely.

Why Gas Detection is Crucial in Farming and Agriculture

The farming and agriculture sector plays an irreplaceable role in our lives, reliably bringing an array of crops, fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat products to our tables and businesses every day. However, due to the processes involved, this industry is also confronted by regular toxic gas risks, which have unfortunately recently led to the deaths of some well-known public figures. As well as seeking to utilise less hazardous, alternative materials within farming and agricultural processes, it is down to those in the sector to implement reliable and robust monitoring and gas detection equipment to stay abreast of the gas levels in each environment.

Harness Your Data – get the best from your portable gas detector fleet

Historically, the process of gas detection was about warning of the presence of gas hazards. In many ways it still is, however the field is continually improving and enhancing, alongside impressive developments in customer safety. Since the 1970’s we have seen a variety of aspects of portable gas detectors upgraded multiple times (up to 4 or 5 times to be specific). More recently, during the past four years, the detection process has been revolutionised by a brand new dimension – the gathering of and widespread use of DATA!

The Challenge of Detecting Hydrogen Gas

Hydrogen is set to play a vital role in producing cleaner energy. With the shift to hydrogen as a clean fuel, and the emphasis on its usage globally, it is important for the relevant people, within industries that utilise hydrogen, to gain a full awareness of the dangers and impact of this shift. Therefore, this white paper
will explore this matter in more depth and focus on the challenges of detecting hydrogen gas.

Keeping you Safe at Sea

Keeping teams in the marine industry safe at sea is something Crowcon are extremely passionate about. This paper is aimed at exploring the dangers and challenges individuals face, and offers resources and solutions that can safeguard crews in this sector from the unpredictability of working upon the waves.

Sample Systems: Could Sample Systems be the Gas Detection Industry’s Best Kept Secret?

Sample systems use a sample-draw system to bring a sample of air to a gas detector from a remote area. Knowledge surrounding sample systems, and the ways in which they can be harnessed to draw samples away from potentially hazardous environments, is sparse within industrial settings. Within this paper we will explore sample systems as the ‘best kept secret’ in the gas detection world.

Why is Gas Detection Crucial in Confined Space Entry Work

Individuals working within confined spaces face critical health and safety risks, with 15 workers each year dying whilst working within a confined space, according to figures from the UK’s Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

Evolution of the UK air pollution monitoring network

Explore the monitoring methods used by the Automatic Urban and Rural Network (AURN), and how low-cost sensors can supplement the reference networks.


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