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25 July 2023
Our Partnership with One Gasmaster Sdn. Bhd.
Georgia Pratt
Marketing Executive

Providing the full package from sale to commissioning is crucial for service providers. Combining this with experience, technical support, product knowledge and expertise, ensures customers are supplied safe, reliable and suitable equipment to meet their requirements.


Established in 1998, and based in in Selangor, Malaysia, One Gasmaster Sdn. Bhd. is an authorised distributor of Crowcon gas detectors in Malaysia. One Gasmaster specialise in various sectors, including oil and gas and petrochemical, as well as general industries like food and beverage, water treatment plants, chemical, semiconductors and car park monitoring, among others. As one of the pioneers in providing gas detection solutions in Malaysia, they tailor bespoke end-to-end services and deliver high-quality products and work. In 2011, One Gasmaster became an accredited gas detector and analyser calibration service provider.  

One Gasmaster’s primary focus lies in providing comprehensive environmental monitoring and industrial hygiene solutions that utilise an extensive array of detection tools, including both our fixed and portable detectors. 

Views on gas detection

Gas detection equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of workers and the environment by detecting and alerting the presence of hazardous gases in most industries. Our range of gas detection equipment includes portable detectors and fixed systems offering flexibility and comprehensive coverage for different safety and operational needs. Aiming to develop a greener and more sustainable planet for future generations, One Gasmaster mitigate their environmental impact by detecting and monitoring the release of harmful gases and overall air quality. As a certified gas detection solutions provider, One Gasmaster recognise the importance of open communication and transparency in our line of work. We prioritise long-term partnerships with their customers, fostering a collaborative relationship based on trust, reliability, and mutual growth. “To provide the best service possible, we strongly believe in working closely with every customer. By understanding their unique needs, we can ensure that we supply the right equipment and offer customised solutions specifically tailored to meet their requirements and safety protections. Our goal is to deliver a personalized experience and exceed their expectations.” – Sales Director of Gas Detection Division, Bernard Lim. 

Working with Crowcon

“We have been working with Crowcon since 1996 and were officially appointed as an exclusive distributor in Malaysia from 1998 until now. Their technical support Engineers are trained and certified by Crowcon to perform testing and commissioning and troubleshooting for Crowcon’s range of products. Our calibration certificates are accredited with ISO 17025.” – Sales Director of Gas Detection Division, Bernard Lim.  

Our partnership allows One Gasmaster to distribute our products in Malaysia within the oil and gas, retail, and other various sectors in Malaysia. One Gasmaster’s relentless pursuit of improvement positions them as a trusted partner, delivering superior services and contributing to enhanced customer experience. 

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