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Crowcon Supporting Hydrogen Week 2024

Crowcon are proud to be a supporter of the UK’s second annual Hydrogen Week, taking place 26th – 3rd  March 2024, with the goal of bringing together stakeholders across the UK to celebrate and promote the role of hydrogen in reaching net zero.

The first annual Hydrogen Week, which Crowcon was also a supporter of, was a huge success, generating over 50 pieces of media coverage and 79,000 impressions over the course of the week. This year is sure to be even bigger and Crowcon are pleased to be involved once again.

When dealing with hydrogen, as with any gas, health and safety is paramount. Hydrogen has a wide flammable range (4%–74% vol. in air), so even small quantities of H2 can cause explosions when mixed with atmospheric air. Just a spark of static electricity from a person’s finger is enough to trigger an explosion when hydrogen is present, and in many locations where hydrogen is used, spark ignition from electrical components or maintenance activities is an ever-present risk.

These dangers are present across the hydrogen value chain from production and storage to distribution and use, with gas detection representing the first line of defence against hydrogen leaks.

Crowcon’s molecular property spectrometer (MPS™) sensor technology offers the best solution for hydrogen gas detection. Requiring reduced maintenance and zero calibration for five years along with the elimination of sensor poisoning, the shortfalls of traditional sensing technology are eliminated with MPS. As well as driving up safety in areas where flammable gases pose a risk, MPS™ technology generates significant savings on total cost of ownership, and reduced interaction with the unit drives down occupational risk for operators.

Crowcon’s Hydrogen Resources

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