Sprint Pro

All Sprint Pro’s come with the following items:

  • Sprint PRO Analyser
  • Flue probe
  • In-line professional water and particulate filter
  • Gas escape probe
  • Pressure hose for use with Natural Gas
  • USB Power adaptor
  • USB lead
  • Soft Carry Case
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Quick Start Guide



With over 40 years’ experience in producing the finest and most durable test and measurement solutions in the heating industry, our latest Sprint Pro model is the best Flue gas analyser we have ever produced!

Specialist UK design and manufacturing process combine with the latest technologies and years of experience, to deliver something truly special

We are the market leader in the United Kingdom and the instrument of choice for British Gas engineers the UK’s largest gas supplier with 10,000 active engineers servicing, maintain and installing boilers every day

The Crowcon Sprint Pro won’t let you down and is the best choice for today’s HVAC professional

Professional Water Trap

Remove the lost time and high expense of equipment damage by design, with our professional grade integrated water trap

Made from impact resistant polycarbonate and featuring heavy duty water and dust filtering, as well as easily removable and washable filters which save money on maintenance and increase equipment availability

Robust Design

Reduce downtime due to broken or faulty equipment with our extremely robust analyzer

Built from the same material as motorcycle crash helmets, it can withstand whatever is thrown at it in the challenging environments in which you work

Positive Click Connector

Get correct operation each and every time with our positive click connector

Our unique robust connector design ensures a correct and secure connection between probe and device every time. When the job is done a simple thumb push button releases the probe

Gas Escape Probe

Not just efficiency but safety too! Find customers gas leaks with our added probe.

All our Sprint Pro’s come with gas escape probes as standard, they can be used to detect any leaks in the furnace vicinity or elsewhere.

Get the accurate readings your customers require with our

Slim line head design which allows easy access to all required spaces big or small

USB-C Connection

Never run out of charge unexpectedly or lose any of your important test reports

This latest generation USB-C connection and included USB-C cable, give easy charging at home or on the go, and also allow super-fast transfer of stored reports to the free-to-download Sprint Pro USB PC software


Size W183 x H85 x D50 mm
Weight 490g
Display Colour LCD display with backlight
Logging 400 reports (dependent on type)
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion
Operating time CO & O2  Sensor Fit

  • ~ 14 hours without pump running*
  • > 5 hours pump running continuously*

CO, O2, NO & CO2 Sensor Fit

  • ~ 8 hours without pump running*
  • > 4 hours pump running continuously*

*No gas escape probe connected

Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
Storage temperature -20°C to +50°C
Function buttons 5 button keypad
Standards BSI tested to EN50379-1:2012 & EN50379-3:2012 Suitable for engineers working with BS7967:2015
Enclosure Ruggedized protective
Integral magnets
Indoor use
Pump Internal pump with flow fail indication
Standard Fuels Natural gas (methane), LPG, Heavy oil, Light oil, Coal, Wood, Wood pellet, Coke, Biomass and Bagasse.
Probe Insertion length: 250 mm with adjustable depth gauge.

Ergonomic pistol grip with stainless steel shaft, in-built with thermocouple, in line water trap with water block filter & dust filter, bespoke connector with secondary in-built water block filter.

Overall Hose Length: 2164 mm

Charger Input: USB-C
Temperature Range: 0°C – 40°C


Gas Range Display


Accuracy Response Time (t90)
Oxygen 0-21% 0.1% ±0.3% < 30 sec
Carbon Monoxide 0 – 200ppm

200 – 2,000ppm

2,000 – 5,000ppm

1ppm ± 10ppm or 10%rel

± 20ppm or 5%rel.

± 100ppm or 10%rel

< 45 sec
Carbon Dioxide (calculated) 0-21% 0.1% ±0.3% < 30 sec
CO/CO2 Ratio 0 to 0.9999 0.0001
NO (where fitted) 0 – 200ppm 1ppm ± 5ppm or 1.5%rel < 45 sec
NOx Calculated (where NO is fitted) 0-210ppm 1ppm ± 5ppm or 1.5%rel < 45 sec
Flue Temperature Measurement 5°C to 400°C 1°C ±2°C or 1.5% of reading
XS Air 0-100%

Room Safety Test & Ambient Air Monitoring

Gas Range Display


Accuracy Response Time (t90)
CO 0 – 200ppm

200 – 2,000ppm

2,000 – 5,000ppm

1ppm ± 10ppm or 10%rel.

± 20ppm or 5%rel.

± 100ppm or 10%rel.

< 45 sec

[45 sec]

CO2* *Where sensor fitted 0.01% ± 10% @ 20°C < 60 sec

*Where sensor fitted


Below is a small selection of the accessories available for the Sprint Pro.

Sprint Pro Flue Probe


Sprint Pro Flue Probe Connector & hose


Sprint Pro Filter Bowl & Filters


Sprint Pro Flue Probe Connector, hose, filter bowl & filters


Sprint Pro Water Filter


Sprint Pro Dust Filter


Sprint Pro Depth Gauge & Screw


Sprint Pro Cable Management Clip


Sprint Pro USB Charger Lead


Sprint Pro Bag






Quick Start Guide

Available in the UK via our exclusive distribution partner Anton

Available in the UK via our exclusive distribution partner Anton

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Available in the USA via Amazon.com

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