Sampling Systems for Gas Detection

“Go where people can’t”

Sample systems are used for fixed gas detection solutions to detect gas where people cant and sensors cannot survive.

Sample systems provide the ideal solution for permanently monitoring flammable & toxic gases and/or oxygen in environments where fixed detectors may be impractical or hazardous.

A variety of system types are available which use pump or compressed air driven vacuum generators to extract air/gas samples from the area to be monitored and present the samples to one or more gas sensors.

A sample system is created to extract gas from an area for various reasons:

  • High humidity
  • Dusty atmospheres
  • Very hot or very cold temp
  • Wet or condensing atmospheres
  • High or low flow applications

By extracting gas to a detector mounted in an accessible area ease of maintenance is improved.

No requirement of scaffolding or cherry pickers to gain access for calibration. Maintenance can even be even be configured to be remotely complete via an HMI.

Support throughout the process

Our specialist team can support you through the entire process.

  • Crowcon EFS representative visit to review and discuss options.
  • Communication with directly throughout the detailed design stage
  • System drawing, commissioning and ongoing service support.