Crowcon Connect Streamlines and Improves Rental Fleet Management for Contronix

A Background in Previous Partnerships

Contronix is an Austrian company that specialises in both portable and fixed gas detection systems; this means they’re responsible for selling and maintaining lots of different devices in various locations. For example, Contronix uses Crowcon products – including the Gas-Pro, Gasman, Tetra 3 and T4– in its rental fleet of detectors, which go to many sectors including power and construction sites. Contronix also performs in-house calibration for key customers with Crowcon detectors. All of this means that Contronix must keep track of calibration dates and other maintenance information for all of these devices, to ensure safety and help their clients to comply with gas safety regulations. ‘Until recently, tracking the locations of all our detectors and when they were due for calibration involved lots of tedious paperwork,’ explains Andreas Preiser-Kapeller, Technical Director and Head of Service of Contronix. ‘Also, many of our detectors are in and out of our site on rental, which can make tracking and the scheduling of calibration pretty complex.

Automates management of rental fleets

Contronix wanted to reduce their manual paperwork and in doing so, free up time for more productive work. Crowcon Connect lets them do that. Crowcon Connect is a cloud-based app that tracks, records and analyses the data from Crowcon gas monitors. With Connect, Contronix is able to establish a flow of data from every device in their rental fleet and at customer sites: this has made it easy for them to spot any issues (including failure to comply with specific policies or regulations) and track the usage of each detector. The company has also set up automatic calibration and maintenance alerts for each device, which removes the headaches of manual tracking and makes it easier to schedule maintenance in ways that reduce downtime and maximise the number of devices available for rent. ‘Crowcon Connect puts all of our detector information on an easy-to-navigate dashboard screen,’ says Christian. ‘This allows us to quickly view which detectors are on rental and which are available, without having to sieve through paper records. The fact that Crowcon Connect is cloud based was another plus. ‘We maintain around 300 detector units for a major brewery customer, and they need us to keep a proper record of calibration data that they can access remotely,’ explains Andreas Preiser-Kapeller. ‘Crowcon Connect makes that easy, which in turn makes it easy for our client to comply with safety regulations.’ 

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