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Why fast fire detection is critical in heavy, hazardous industries

Why fast fire detection is critical in heavy, hazardous industries
Featuring Crowcon’s FGard IR3 flame detector

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What is the Future of Connected Gas Safety? Cloud Data Storage
Cloud Record Storage

Explore what is next for the future of connected gas safety, particularly how cloud data storage can help overcome difficulties enforcing and proving gas safety compliance and improving ongoing maintenance. Hosted by Edward Clapham, Crowcon’s Portables & Digital Product Manager and a guest speaker.

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What is the Future of Connected Gas Safety? Fleet Management for Rental Fleets
Multi-Site Application
Explore what is next for the future of connected gas safety, specifically how our partners, Contronix, have improved the management of rental fleets for them and their customers. Hosted by Ed Clapham, Crowcon’s Portables & Digital Product Manager and a guest speaker.
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What is the Future of Connected Gas Safety? Gas Safety Insights for Multi-Site Organisations

Explore what is next for the future of connected gas safety, especially managing safety and compliance across multiple sites. Portables Product Manager Edward Clapham and Marketing Executive Georgia Pratt explain all.

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What is the Future of Connected Gas Safety? Quick User Assignment
Crowcon Multiple Devices

Explore what is next for the future of connected gas safety, including the benefits of dynamically assigning devices to operators using existing infrastructure. Portables Product Manager Edward Clapham and Global Sales Director Neil Webster explain all.

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Demystifying Flue Gas Analyser Calibration

A flue gas analyser (FGA) is a vital tool for any Gas Safe Register, OFTEC or HETAS qualified engineer when installing, commissioning, fault finding, repairing or servicing heating appliances. But what is Calibration and why does a FGA need it? Product Manager Dominic Feeney explains all in our webinar.

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The dangers of Oxygen Enrichment in Healthcare Environments

Learn about the dangers of oxygen enrichment in healthcare environments, see which models in Crowcon’s range are perfectly matched to protect people in these situations and see how we are supporting health services during the current pandemic

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How addressability and remote monitoring can lower installation costs and improve safety
GM-64 rack

Learn how the benefits of using a digital method of communications in your fixed gas detection system can lower installation costs and improve safety.

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T4 & TWA Resume
T4 in hand

Learn what WELs are and why they are important, see how innovative features such as TWA resume allow Crowcon to deliver the most accurate TWA tracking in the industry

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Gas detection requirement in Water/waste water industry

Learn about processes in water and waste water treatment, with focus on gas detection opportunities and our key differences. Case study on sampling solution like ESU will be included

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Hazloc Approvals
Risks of welding

This session explains hazardous area definitions and product certification. The focus is mainly on ATEX, however international standards are also reviewed. This is great for those new to Gas Detection as well as a great refresher for those with experience.

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Benefits of using IR technology

Learn about why the demand for Infra red technology in gas detection systems is growing around the globe, and how Infra red sensors can benefit you from an operational and safety perspective.

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Key Marine Applications
Marine Industry

Learn about key applications for gas detectors in the Marine industry, including regulations (SOLAS) in place for atmospheric monitoring and sampling system solutions. Competitor comparison and case studies will also be included.

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The need to Calibrate and Gas Test
Crowcon Portable range

Learn why calibration is needed, see how Crowcon make this as painless as possible and get acquainted with a new auto calibration dock for Gasman.

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Sample Systems

What is the solution for detection gas in challenging environments? Learn how Crowcon’s tailored to specific requirement sample systems can find reliable solution in extreme locations where people cannot enter, or sensors cannot survive.

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Gas detection requirement in the Waste to Energy industry
Xgard fixed detector

Talk about Crowcon’s solution/product applied to the area of Waste to Energy. Learn in which process gas detector should be used. Case study will also be included.

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Functional Safety and ‘SIL’ Levels
Safety Integrity Level

In this session we will discuss the topic of Functional Safety, Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) and how they relate to Crowcon products and markets.

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PIDs: What is it and how does it work?
Gas-Pro PID A1 sensor

Develop knowledge on what PID sensor technology is, how they work, relevant applications and what other sensor technologies are available if a PID isn’t suitable

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Xgard Bright: New gas sensors
Xgard Bright gas detection

Crowcon’s newest fixed head detector has expanded its sensor and gas configuration options. We take a look at target industry and application highlights based on latest releases to provide insight into why Xgard Bright is the right solution.

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Power Applications

earn about the energy generating industry and where gas detectors are used, including Crowcon’s sampling solution in power plants. We will also look into renewable energy and opportunity for gas detectors.

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Gas-Pro’s New Features
Gas Pro hand (370x305)

What’s new with the Gas Pro? New gas: HCN, what it is, dangers and market opportunities to sell into, TWA Resume: The patented, tried and tested T4 safety feature unique to Crowcon comes to Gas-Pro to prevent over exposure over a shift and In-Field Pellister Changes.

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Food & Beverage Applications

Learn about gas risks in brewery and Crowcon’s solution. We will review end user applications and how Crowcon detectors solved their pain points.

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Cross sensitivity explained

Learn about what cross sensitivity is, the science behind why it occurs, the most common cross sensitivities faced and Crowcon’s policys and procedures relating to cross sensitivity.

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Confined Space Entry explained

Learn what Confined spaced entry is, why it is dangerous, steps to take to protect yourself and how Crowcons products are perfectly matched to help maintain safety in these challenging environments.

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Refinery & Petrochemical Applications

Exploring and producing oil and gas have many hazards. The requirement for personal monitors and fixed systems has changed over the years. Learn about development in gas detection requirement (bump testing, data collection) and Crowcon’s solution.

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Batteries – New Power Opportunities

With an ever increasing reliance on battery use, we will look at various industrial applications to understand potential growth opportunities that underly in solving dangers involved in the battery lifecycle.

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The benefits of Gas-Pro over Triple Plus+ in a changing market
Gas-pro IR

Triple Plus+ is becoming increasingly less suitable to the wider portable gas detection market. Learn why Gas-Pro is better suited to the majority of applications users face in the field.

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Gas detection in Hydrogen as energy source
Hydrogen image

With the growing importance of hydrogen as ’green fuel’ of the future. Learn about the risk in handling hydrogen and Crowcon’s solution.

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Environmental air and odour monitoring solutions

Join us to learn more about Crowcon’s air quality & odour monitoring solution as a key part of environmental monitoring.

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Gas Detection in Waste to Energy Plant

Waste to Energy (WtE) is set to become increasingly important as countries run out of landfill space and face power shortages. Learn about WtE processes, where gas detectors are deployed and Crowcon’s unique solution for air monitoring

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Hazardous Area Classification and Protection Types

Webinar for Singapore’s Sembcorp Architects & Engineers Pte Ltd focusing on hazardous area classification (gas and dust) and various protection type in the market today.

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Crowcon next generation oxygen gas detection