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Crowcon T3 multigas monitor

Crowcon T3 multigas monitor is a compact, robust and easy-to-use diffusion based detector.

It's single button operation, small size and clear top-mounted display make it a favourite in the market amongst those working in demanding industrial environments, such as those in the water, telecoms, food, brewing or hydrocarbons sectors. And it is now better value than ever.

The T3 personal gas detectors now use a 3-year oxygen sensor as standard.

The part numbers for the 2-year sensor product are being discontinued. Please use the 3-year part numbers to take advantage of this great Crowcon offer. If you have already sent your order, we are making sure you haven’t missed out, as all T3 units are being built with the 3-year O2 sensor, where oxygen detection is part of the specification.

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2-year Sensor Part No.3-year Sensor Part No. EquivalentDescription
T3 - including universal multi-regional charger
T3R-01-XX-CT3R-06- XX-C4 gas - CH4 % LEL, O2 , H2S, CO
T3R-02-XX-CT3R-07-XX-C3 gas - CH4 % LEL, O2, H2S
T3R-03-XX-CT3R-08-XX-C3 gas - CH4 % LEL, O2, CO (std 0-500ppm)
T3 - no charger
T3R-01-XX-ZT3R-06-XX-Z4 gas - CH4 % LEL, O2, H2S, CO
T3R-02-XX-ZT3R-07-XX-Z3 gas - CH4 % LEL, O2, H2S
T3R-03-XX-ZT3R-08- XX-Z3 gas - CH4 % LEL, O2, CO (std 0-500ppm)
T3 - including drop-in charger
T3R-01-XX-DT3R-06-XX-D4 gas - CH4 % LEL, O2, H2S, CO
T3R-02-XX-DT3R-07-XX-D3 gas - CH4 % LEL, O2, H2S
T3R-03-XX-DT3R-08-XX-D3 gas - CH4 % LEL, O2, CO (std 0-500ppm)

Ordering the correct part numbers

Substitute XX in the part number with appropriate Region/Approval abbreviation from the table below. For example, the part number for a 4 gas T3 ( CH4 % LEL, O2 , H2S, CO) for Poland is T3R-06-PA-C.
UK, USA, EU and Australian plug inserts are included with multi-region chargers.

More Information

Region/ ApprovalDescription
EAEnglish ATEX
NCN American CSA
BIBrazilian Portuguese INMETRO
SASpanish ATEX
IAItalian ATEX