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Flame Detectors

IR & UV based flame detectors



The 40/40 series operate in the harshest environmental conditions and are self-contained, stand-alone devices designed for direct connection to control and alarm systems or automatic fire-extinguishing systems.

40/40I Triple IR (IR3) Flame Detector

The 40/40I Triple IR (IR3) Flame Detector detects fuel and gas fires at long distances with the highest immunity to false alarms. The 40/40I IR3 can detect a 1ft2 (0.1 m2) gasoline / heptane pan fire at 215 ft (65 m) in less than 5 seconds.

40/40M Multi IR Flame Detector

The 40/40M Multi IR Flame Detector is specifically designed for detection of hydrocarbon and hydrogen flames. It detects hydrocarbon-based fuel and gas fires at long distances with the highest immunity to false alarms.

40/40 Series UV/IR Flame Detectors

There are two versions of 40/40 Series UV / IR Flame Detectors:

  • Model 40/40L (& LB) detects hydrocarbon-based fuel and gas fires, hydroxyl and hydrogen fires, as well as metal and inorganic fires.
  • Model 40/40L4 (& L4B) is identical to the 40/40L except that the IR sensor works at a wavelength of 4.5µm and is only suitable for hydrocarbon-based fires.

40/40UV Flame Detector

The 40/40UV Flame Detector design is the most durable and weather resistant UV flame detector currently on the market.

40/40R Single IR Flame Detector 

The 40/40R Single IR Flame Detector detects hydrocarbon-based fuel and gas fires using advanced flame analysis tools.

20/20 Range 

The 20/20 range includes Mini IR3 and Mini UV/IR detectors which offer a lower cost, lower power, compact design in a general purpose (non-Ex approved) format. The 20/20MI IR3 is also available as ATEX intrinsically safe approved.

Spectrex Configuration Sheet

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For detailed specifications on Flame detectors, download the individual product brochures.



Below is a small selection of the accessories available for the Crowcon Flame Detectors. For a full list please call 01235 557700 or Contact Us.

Tilt mount

Designed for easy and precise alignment. Enables the detector to rotate up to 30º in all directions and fine alignment of up to 5º

Duct mount

The duct mount interfaces between the detector and the duct surface. Enables the detector's alignment up to 3º in all directions.

Weather protector

Protects against excessive heat build-up due to direct sunlight or extremely wet environments.

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