Ammonia (NH3) is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen, with the formula NH3. It is a colourless and pungent gas. NH3 occurs naturally throughout the environment, in air, soil and water and is the only common alkali gas. It has a characteristic smell, but is highly reactive with acid gases, which can mask its presence.

Rinse eyes thoroughly with large amounts of water. Blot or brush away excess chemicals and flush the skin with
lean water, removing clothing that may have come into contact with Ammonia

Ammonia can affect you when inhaled. Contact can severely irritate and burn skin and eyes with possible eye damage

Ammonia is corrosive and is classified as an extremely hazardous substance.

Download our Ammonia factsheet and:
  • Discover how to know when you’ve been exposed to NH3
  • Learn what steps to take to protect your team
  • Understand how to detect, measure and report NH3
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Products for Ammonia Detection
Portable Monitors
Tetra 3

Compact, robust and easy-to-use diffusion based detector

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A multi gas detector offering 5 gas support as well as a dedicated pre-entry check mode and optional pump feature

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Fixed Monitors

Sil2 certified, versatile and transmitter compatible fixed detector available with alarm and fault relays

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Xgard Bright

Addressable fixed head detector with OLED display

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