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26 September 2022
Did you know about the Sprint Pro differential temperature monitor?

If you’re a heating or gas engineer, chances are that you sometimes measure temperature differentials (i.e., the difference between temperatures in two locations). For example, if you want to balance a domestic heating system, you need to measure and compare the temperatures of the flow and return pipework for each radiator, and if you want to get best performance from a modern condensing boiler you might tweak the flow/return differential. In this way, you can ensure a perfectly balanced, efficient system that won’t burn people or freeze up in the cold weather – and some very happy customers.

Traditionally, heating engineers have measured differential temperatures with a traditional thermometer, but if you own a Sprint Pro then you don’t need any additional equipment for this task.

How to measure temperature differentials with the SprintPro

First, find the differential temperature listing on the Sprint Pro menu and press it. To begin, you’ll need to connect either one or two thermocouple probes to the K-type connectors on the bottom of your device – make sure you get the flow and return the right way around! If you use a single probe, the Sprint Pro will display a soft key option to switch between T1 and T2 snapshot measuring points; in this case, you place the probe in the first position (T1) and take a reading, then move the probe to the second position (T2) and repeat the process. The Sprint Pro will calculate the differential for you. If required, you can also use this facility to measure a single temperature.

You can find full instructions (including some important safety precautions) in the Sprint Pro manual.

Once you have taken differential temperature measurements, you can either print these out or save them to your log (bearing in mind you can print them from there later). Alternatively, if you have the Sprint Mobile/Crowcon HVAC Companion app, you can Bluetooth the readings directly to your tablet or smartphone.

Why use Sprint Pro to measure temperature differentials?

If you don’t use your Sprint Pro to measure temperature differentials, you’ll either need to trust your touch alone (which can be risky and inaccurate) or invest in a two-channel differential thermometer, which just means more expense and extra kit to carry around. In contrast, the Sprint Pro lets you measure differentials quickly and easily and gives you the option of printing reports and/or storing them electronically.

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