Hazards of CO2

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a toxic gas that has caused the deaths in the drinks industry of production workers and those delivering at drinks outlets, alike. Yet, not many are aware of the true nature of the risk.

At 2%, it can significantly impair your performance, increasing the likelihood of accidents; 7% CO2 can kill in 5 minutes, even in normal oxygen levels. It can form pools in low-lying areas because it is heavier than air. This means that you can very quickly move into an area of high CO2 concentration with very little warning.

Some incorrectly believe that oxygen levels are an indicator of CO2 levels; however, this is not the case. Reliance on oxygen alarms to monitor the presence of CO2, instead of monitoring CO2 levels directly, has previously resulted in fatalities.

Our new White Paper helps explain the hazards in more details and what can be done to prevent drinks industry workers dying from CO2 poisoning.