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Below is a selection of the latest news from Crowcon. Click here for Events we'll be attending this year.

Crowcon hours of business over the Christmas and New Year period 2018

30 Nov 2018

Crowcon hours of business over the Christmas and New Year period 2018

Britain’s manufacturing heroes named in Liverpool

21 Nov 2018

Frazer Mackay has been selected in The Manufacturer Top 100 2018 publication.

Crowcon launches high-temperature sensor which provides H2S detection for oil and gas installations in the Middle East

15 Oct 2018

To support the oil and gas industry in the Middle East, Crowcon has developed a high-temperature hydrogen sulphide (H2S) sensor to work alongside its XgardIQ fixed point detector and transmitter.

Crowcon launches dual range portable monitor, Gas-Pro TK

31 Aug 2018

Crowcon Detection Instruments has launched a new dual range portable monitor to add to its acclaimed Gas-Pro range.

Crowcon featured in Manufacturing Management Magazine

08 Aug 2018

A feature article about our lean manufacturing and employee engagement featuring our very own Frazer Mackay

ADNOC chose Crowcon Clip SGD

01 Aug 2018

ADNOC Group choose Crowcon Clip SGD as its preferred fixed life H2S gas detector

Crowcon hours of business over the Christmas and New Year period

14 Dec 2017

Crowcon hours of business over the Christmas and New Year period

Introducing Clip SGD

27 Nov 2017

Crowcon – a leading manufacturer of specialist gas detection – is replacing their Crowcon Clip with Clip SGD (Single Gas Detector).

Crowcon delighted with ADIPEC success

21 Nov 2017

Crowcon are delighted with the success of our recent time attending ADIPEC

New Video - XgardIQ remote sensor housing improves safety

04 Sep 2017

XgardIQ remote sensor assembly allows you to site a sensor module where a gas leak is more likely to occur, while installing the detector transmitter for safe, easy access for interacting with the display screen and push-button controls

New remote sensor assembly for XgardIQ

19 Jul 2017

In response to an industry-wide drive towards improved worker safety and reducing maintenance downtime, Crowcon has developed a remote sensor assembly to work alongside its XgardIQ fixed point detector and transmitter.

New technology for LaserMethane Mini

20 Jun 2017

The LaserMethane Mini (LMm) now comes with advanced Bluetooth technology to record read-time gas readings and tag GPS locations.

Remote methane detection made easy – new video

14 Feb 2017

This new video shows how remote methane detection with LMm keeps operators safe.

Remote methane detection - new free download

31 Jan 2017

New download - the new LMm application note illustrates the benefits in early detection of methane gas leaks.

65th GASG Colloquium - Petrochemical Gas Detection

30 Jun 2016

The 65th GASG Colloquium on "Petrochemical Gas Detection" is to be held at Crowcon HQ, Didcot, on 14th July 2016.

“Lives depend on it" seminars bring our gas detection expertise to users in Asia

22 Jun 2016

We travelled to Rayong (Thailand) and Cilegon (Indonesia) to promote greater gas detection awareness with our “Life depends on it” seminars.

Crowcon gas detectors enable vessels to comply with new SOLAS X1-1/7 regulation

07 Jun 2016

Gas-Pro and T4 multi-gas detectors now enable vessels to comply with the SOLAS X1-1/7 directive, which becomes effective on 1st July 2016. Both detectors are also approved by the Marine Equipment Directive (MED).

Crowcon extends range of XgardIQ sensors to detect wider range of gases

06 Apr 2016

Ammonia and Sulphur dioxide added to the gases which can be detected with the XgardIQ "intelligent" fixed-point gas detector.

Crowcon Winners From HazardEx 2016

17 Mar 2016

Crowcon announce the winners of the "Wake up and smell the coffee" competition, held during the HazardEx Conference in February.

Visit us at Adipec 2015

05 Nov 2015

We will be attending Adipec 2015 in the UK pavilion. Read on to find out what we will be showing at the exhibition this year.

Crowcon Singapore celebrates 15th Anniversary

02 Nov 2015

Crowcon Singapore celebrated its 15th anniversary this November and to share this milestone we invited our friends and partners to a special evening event.

New T4 portable multigas detector

17 Aug 2015

New portable multigas detector features innovative technologies for enhanced accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

Focus on Confined Spaces Event

31 Jul 2015

Crowcon continue to support industry by providing knowledge and training, with an event for the Utility industries focused on best practice in confined spaces.

Crowcon launches next-generation “intelligent” fixed-point gas detector

07 Jul 2015

Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd – a leading manufacturer of specialist gas detection equipment – announce the next generation of intelligent gas detectors and transmitters: Xgard

Crowcon’s Portable Gas Detectors get MED Approval for Confined Space Work in Ships

22 Apr 2015

Crowcon announces its portable gas detectors are now approved by the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) for use in confined spaces aboard ships

Continuing to Share our Expertise on Gas Detection Safety

14 Apr 2015

Crowcon shares expertise and knowledge at gas detection safety training in Middle East and India

Doing the bump

12 Jan 2015

How bump testing of fixed devices can save time and money checking gas detectors in high risk sites without compromising safety.

Portable gas bump tester

05 Jan 2015

The Crowcon Bump Test Gas Spray performs bump tests on handheld gas detectors, either on site or on-the-road, using a 12 litre spray canister.

Crowcon’s IRmax now Detects 29 Hydrocarbon Gases and Vapours

10 Dec 2014

Crowcon’s IRmax infra-red gas detector now detects 29 different hydrocarbon gases and vapours.

Crowcon announces new portable gas bump tester for remote testing of personal gas detectors

05 Dec 2014

Crowcon has today announced the availability of a new portable gas solution for bump testing. The new method eliminates the need to carry around cumbersome gas bottles and docking stations or return to base to test handheld gas detectors.

Crowcon strengthens Gas-Pro range with infrared capability

12 Nov 2014

New Gas-Pro IR detects potentially explosive gases in conditions using IR sensor technology. Ideal for environments with low oxygen levels, the Gas-Pro IR significantly enhances safety and saves the cost of regular pellistor sensor replacement.

Crowcon has moved

18 Aug 2014

Having outgrown our current headquarters in Abingdon, Crowcon is moving to brand new premises in Milton Park, Didcot on Friday 15th August.

Crowcon announces latest capability extension to IRmax gas detector

31 Jul 2014

Crowcon IRmax now detects even more gases. This broadening of capability enables IRmax to detect 29 hydrocarbon gases or vapours.

Identifying Leaks from Natural Gas pipelines at a Safe Distance

17 Apr 2014

The use of natural gas, of which methane is the principle component, is increasing worldwide.

Breaking New Ground in Gas Detection

17 Apr 2014

Gas Detection specialist Crowcon celebrated the official ground breaking for its new world-class facility at Milton Park in Didcot, UK

CO2 Gas Hazards in the Brewing Industry

17 Apr 2014

CO2 is colourless, odourless and tasteless and is well known in the brewing industry, yet people still die every year in tragic and completely avoidable accidents in breweries