Crowcon - Detecting Gas Saving Lives
Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd. are supporting MOHKI: The world’s first modular, self-sufficient and mobile cardiac surgery unit with intensive care and nursing station

In 1989,Kinderherzen– Fördergemeinschaft Deutsche Kinderherzzentren e.V. was founded to work for a world where children with heart defects get a better chance of having the same life expectancy as their healthy friends. On 30th June they launched MOHKI (Mobile Clinic for Paediatric Cardiac Surgery), the world’s first modular and self-sufficient mobile cardiac surgery unit with intensive care and nursing station, to operate on children with congenital heart defects at the highest standard of care. Its intentions are to run the unit in crisis regions as well as developing countries with poor or insufficient medical treatment or facilities.

MOHKI carries all of the medical equipment needed for the highly complex surgery to be  performed on children with heart diseases. It is a 260 sqm unit that can be set up without technicians and specialist personnel allowing it be used in different locations again and again. MOHKI operates self-sufficiently, independent of local power supply, via renewable energy sources and generators. It’s construction allows the clinic to be transported anywhere in the world with the first mission planned for spring 2024 in El Salvador.

The international MOHKI team consists of highly qualified specialists in the fields of, paediatric cardiac medicine, medical technology, ambulance services, communication, mobile structures and logistics. All volunteer and full-time team members are motivated by their passion, because with every mission, the MOHKI team experience first-hand, what is at stake for little heart patients: their lives.

Crowcon has supported MOHKI through donation of a gas detection system, which is imperative for the security of their patients and personnel, as they work with medical gases primarily oxygen (O2). We are proud to have supported the work that the MOHKI team are doing. “I have a deep respect for the people at Kinderherzen who’s only goal is saving children’s lives in countries where this normally isn’t possible due to infrastructure or conditions. This world’s first open heart children’s hospital is a fantastic initiative where we as Crowcon were honoured to support this by creating a safe environment for the volunteers working there and the children who are hospitalised” – Edward Heitlager, Regional Sales Manager Northern Europe.

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