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Crowcon launches Crowcon Connect cloud data solution to improve gas safety and operational efficiency

Key Facts:

  • Crowcon Connect is Crowcon’s new Gas safety and compliance insight, which makes it easy for you to collate all gas detector data in an accessible form, creating a single trusted record.
  • Gives you a comprehensive view of gas exposure and gas detector profiles from virtually any location, helping to ensure, enhance and document gas safety.
  • Captures data and user association across all Crowcon devices, regardless of location and single/multiple user profiles.
  • Crowcon Connect provides a clear record that is ideal for compliance audits and gives insight into every gas detector in your fleet.
  • Integrates with legacy, current and future Crowcon portables.
  • Flags any pressing issues or actions for your attention.
  • Cost-effective and easy integrate and use – no need to change your processes.
  • Can help you make savings by using data insights to streamline and optimise operations, maintain detectors, reduce downtime and minimise detector losses.


Synchronize data for straightforward analysis and management

Crowcon Connect is a new cloud data solution that takes the headaches out of gas detector inventory management, making health and safety compliance a breeze. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes and report-writing, and the inevitable errors of manual data input; Crowcon Connect automatically uploads and syncs your vital gas detector data and presents it in a versatile, easy-to-read dashboard that delivers significant business impact.

Crowcon Connect automatically captures data and user association across all Crowcon devices, regardless of location and single/multiple user profiles. It tells you when action is required, for example when near-miss events occur, and when calibration and bump testing are due. It lets you easily track devices by both location and performance and provides a host of actionable insights that help you to manage and plan, driving non-compliance down while driving operational efficiency up.

Whatever their working location, gas detector users can upload data to Crowcon Connect either via on-site docking stations or off site, using the app, and there is no limit to the number of users and/or locations that can be accommodated.

Because Crowcon Connect is an in-house solution, we can engineer and tailor it to work with your specific workflows and processes. We can even provide bespoke functionality, if that’s what your business needs.


Crowcon Connect is a cloud-based data solution that lets you upload data directly from the detector and presents all your gas detection data in a clear, easy-to-use and accessible form that can be tailored to your business needs.

Crowcon Connect makes it easy for you to monitor and manage your inventory, ensure legal and regulatory compliance and maximise gas safety.

The information presented in the dashboard lets you schedule calibration and bump testing efficiently and avoid costly downtime. It also tracks detectors that have been taken off site, minimising accidental losses.

Set up and implementation is cost-effective, swift and straightforward.


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