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Crowcon launches Data-Insights Platform for Safer and Compliant Gas Detection Solutions

Abingdon-based manufacturer of gas detection equipment, Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd., has launched a cloud-based software platform that brings together gas safety and compliance insights in one place: Crowcon Connect.

With provisional data from the Health & Safety Executive reporting a total of 142 workers being killed at work in Great Britain in 2020/21, an increase of 29 from the previous year, the need to raise safety levels and keep businesses industry compliant has never been more vital.

Crowcon Connect has been designed with the aim of providing both the visibility and insights required for businesses to ensure their detectors can comply with regulations, improve efficiency across the board and most crucially, raise levels of safety.

Key insights at your fingertips

Connecting its gas monitoring systems to the cloud allows Crowcon to automatically and securely upload fleetwide data, either wired or wireless, at the point of charge. By utilising simple to operate dashboards and filtering tools, the solution provides users powerful insights in one place allowing them to make data-driven safety decisions at the click of a button.

These include the ‘traditional’ elements such as time in/out of use, exposure levels and alarms sounded, but also extend into information about individuals’ use of the device (for example, the extent to which an individual/group uses the detector correctly) and where devices are at any given time.

Staying one step ahead

Furthermore, Crowcon Connect will support users in proactive asset management by tracking calibration due dates and identifying problems with specific devices and/or users as well as recognising recurrent problems, allowing for proactive maintenance scheduling. This will minimise any disruption by reducing downtime.

It also provides the mandatory records to demonstrate fleet compliance and identifies areas for improvement. Everything is recorded and accessible within the platform for quick and easy access when required for audits.

Why Crowcon Connect?

By connecting worker, device and teams you can transform your gas detection processes and procedures. Crowcon Connect modernises and takes the risk out of data compliance, provides accurate risk determination, reduces maintenance costs, maximises on a device’s ‘lifespan’ and provides data to allow you to build a solid foundation through business safety recording, ultimately boosting your operational efficiency.

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