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Crowcon launches Gasman with innovative lead-free, long-life oxygen sensor

Abingdon-based Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd. has launched a long-life oxygen sensor in its Gasman portable gas detector. However, this is no standard upgrade – not only does the new sensor have an extended lifespan, which will reduce total cost of ownership and is backed with an industry-leading 5-year warranty, it is also completely free of lead, helping firms to comply with imminent changes to restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) regulations, and reducing harm to the environment.

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Longer life reduces cost

The use of portable oxygen detectors is common in many industries, with both excessive and insufficient oxygen levels posing a serious gas hazard. Most oxygen sensors have to be replaced every couple of years. In many industries, it is common for detector fleet managers to replace items on a schedule recommended by the manufacturer, which often disrupts productivity and can be costly.
Crowcon’s new sensor comes with the industry’s first five-year warranty, which means fewer replacements, which in turn means less downtime, less waste and a lower cost of ownership.
Crowcon has achieved this by deploying the latest oxygen sensing technology, which means that customers can now purchase a reliable, robust device from a trusted manufacturer, and still reduce both their costs and their environmental impact.

Lead-free sensor for reduced environmental impact, easier RoHS compliance

Lead is a highly toxic substance that accumulates in bones and is released via the bloodstream into various bodily systems and locations. These include the brain, liver, kidneys and – in pregnant women – the developing foetus. All lead exposure is toxic and preventable, which is why RoHS regulations restrict its use, and permitted levels are now being cut even further (reductions affecting safety products will come into effect in 2024).

A standard oxygen sensor contains around 12g of lead, which is about 75% of the whole. Changing to Crowcon’s new lead-free option therefore helps fleet managers to reduce their use of this toxin, safeguarding health and cutting the amount of hazardous lead in the environment. It also helps them to get ahead in terms of RoHS compliance.

As Ed Clapham, Portable and Digital Product Manager for Crowcon, puts it: ‘I am really pleased to release the long-life oxygen Gasman. Crowcon’s Gasman single gas detectors are known and trusted globally to keep workers safe from low and high oxygen levels. The new oxygen sensor utilises the latest oxygen gas sensing technology, which allows us to provide an industry-leading 5-year sensor warranty. This innovative design reduces maintenance and waste and increases uptime, and the new lead-free sensor helps fleet managers and companies to reduce their environmental impact, while enhancing their RoHS compliance.’

Next steps

With harsher RoHS regulations looming and long term costs always scrutinised, it is important that anyone using oxygen sensors –especially those with large fleets of oxygen detectors – and any firm keen to improve its environmental impact acts quickly to make the most of this new innovation.

The Gasman with long-life, lead-free oxygen sensor is now available to customers in Europe including the UK, and will soon be available for customers in North America.

Further information about Crowcon’s use of this innovative sensor technology, including applications and specifications, can be found at here. Information about the Gasman model can be found here. Alternatively, please contact Crowcon on 01235 557700.

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