Crowcon - Detecting Gas Saving Lives
Crowcon launches high-temperature sensor which provides H2S detection for oil and gas installations in the Middle East

Key Facts:

  • Provides reliable detection of H2S gas in temperatures up to 70°C
  • Designed to withstand hot dry climates for up to 24 months
  • Downtime is minimised due to new product features
  • Remote sensor housing means the transmitter can be installed in safe and accessible areas (up to 15m away)
  • Risk is reduced for employees working in already hazardous areas


To support the oil and gas industry in the Middle East, Crowcon has developed a high-temperature hydrogen sulphide (H2S) sensor to work alongside its XgardIQ fixed point detector and transmitter.

Ala Ayoub, Regional General Manager at Crowcon, explains, “The Middle East oil and gas industry contends with high levels of H2S in their gas production operation. More recently, oil production is experiencing increased risks from H2S gas, as they extract more, heavier oils. Employees working in these extreme conditions need reliable, effective equipment to help minimise risk.”

Detection of H2S and protection of workers is a high-profile safety issue at well heads, and further down the pipeline (unless the gas or oil has been ‘sweetened’). Hydrogen sulphide is a highly toxic gas which is lethal at 1,000 parts per million (or 0.1%). Traditional H2S sensors do not survive well in the hot, dry environments, increasing the risk of an accident.

Crowcon has developed a sensor capable of operating at 70°C, improving on electrochemical technology to produce a sensor to retain moisture levels, so preventing evaporation of the electrolyte, even in the harsh Middle Eastern climate.

Crowcon’s new HT H2S sensor works with the XgardIQ. The optional remote sensor housing means the sensor can be installed for optimal leak detection, while the transmitter’s display screen and push-button controls are located for easy and safe to access, up to 15m away.

The technology reduces expensive maintenance downtime. A combination of high-temperatures and low humidity can cause the electrolyte to dry out in the traditional sensor design, impairing performance so they must to be frequently replaced. This incurs excessive costs in replacement sensors and in the time and manpower. The new sensor avoids this occurrence.

Crowcon will be presenting its new H2S sensor and its other gas detection solutions at ADIPEC 2018 in Abu Dhabi from 12th to 15th November. Crowcon will be on stand 8437 in the UK Pavilion.


  • Crowcon provides a reliable H2S gas detection solution for operating temperatures up to 70°C.
  • The sensors can help reduce valuable downtime as part of the XgardIQ fixed point detector and transmitter solution.  /products/fixed-detectors/xgardiq-fixed-point-gas-detector/
  • This technology will appeal to health and safety professionals, instrumentation managers, engineers and support facilities managers operating within the oil and gas and petro-chemical industries

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