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Crowcon releases new 0–1000 ppm hydrogen sensor for Gas-Pro

Gas ProCrowcon Detection Instruments has launched a new hydrogen (H2)sensor for its portable Gas-Pro gas detector. The new sensor detects hydrogen at between zero and 1000 parts per million (ppm) and has an over-range of 2000 ppm. Since the Gas-Pro can be used with a pump and sampling tube, the new sensor is ideal for detecting hydrogen leaks in hard-to-reach and confined spaces, where the risks associated with hydrogen are elevated.

Hydrogen is the commonest element in the universe and is essential for life but, in the right conditions, can also be deadly. It becomes highly flammable and explosive when mixed with even a tiny amount of air and at very low flow rates, and when hydrogen reaches high levels it can also cause choking and fatal hypoxia. Yet hydrogen is widely used in many industries, including oil, gas and other energy production, food manufacture, the manufacture of chemicals, metallurgy and welding, and in the electronics, automotive and marine sectors. There is also growing interest in hydrogen’s potential as a ‘green’ fuel in homes and workplaces, and to power engines in many types of vehicle, ranging from ships and cars to spacecraft. Crowcon’s website has a ‘Talking Gas’ series that includes a factsheet on hydrogen (click here to download it).

Odourless, tasteless – and dangerous

As a gas, hydrogen is tasteless and odourless, so it cannot be detected by human senses alone even when a substantial leak has occurred or is ongoing. Therefore accurate gas monitoring, both to detect leaks before they cause catastrophic damage and to protect the individual while working, is crucial. All of hydrogen’s risks are amplified in confined spaces, which often prevent hydrogen gas from dispersing or escaping, but conventional gas detectors are often hard to insert into confined or hard to reach spaces. The Gas-Pro overcomes this problem with a pump plus sampling tube, making it the detector of choice for these high-risk areas.

Experts at Crowcon are particularly pleased to be adding hydrogen detection to the Gas-Pro. As Ed Clapham, Portables & Digital Product Manager explains: ‘We have engineered the Gas-Pro to be practical and exceptionally safe in very unsafe conditions, such as enclosed spaces. When used with a sample tube and pump, the new hydrogen sensor can reach hard-to-access spaces and help to detect leaks early and keep people and assets safe from harm. The main device has a clear, easy-to-read display and one-button, intuitive, functionality because in dangerous conditions it is really important that safety devices are unobtrusive but reliable and easy to use. Hydrogen is already widespread, but its growing importance makes exposure even more likely, so the new sensor will give Gas-Pro users even greater peace of mind.’

For further reassurance, the Gas-Pro with new hydrogen sensor works seamlessly with Crowcon Connect, a cloud-based service that makes fleet management straightforward, with integrated proof of compliance and trends of historic gas readings.

To find out more about the risks of hydrogen, please click here to download the factsheet. For further details on Crowcon’s Gas-Pro, please click here for the datasheet.

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