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Crowcon’s IRmax now Detects 29 Hydrocarbon Gases and Vapours

Crowcon’s IRmax infra-red gas detector now detects 29 different hydrocarbon gases and vapours. As well as common hydrocarbons, IRmax can be calibrated for more obscure vapours like cyclohexane, toluene and paraxylene.

Unlike conventional IR gas detectors, power-efficient IRmax doesn’t use heaters to stop condensation build-up. Instead, Irmax’s optical components are treated with STAY-CLIR™, a hydrophobic coating.

IRmax requires less than 1 Watt of power, typically 75-90% lower than conventional IR gas detectors; a real advantage for remote installation. Units are used in some of the harshest climates, including Siberian tundra, the North Sea to the Arabian Desert.

Published in HSME

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