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Crowcon strengthens Gas-Pro range with infrared capability

Crowcon, the gas detection specialist, has further strengthened its Gas-Pro range with the introduction of the Gas-Pro IR.

This latest offering detects methane, pentane or propane using infrared IR sensor technology. The Gas-Pro range, celebrated for its portability and confined spaces functionality, sees the addition of this IR version as the ideal detector for the oil and gas industry.

“The Gas-Pro IR detects potentially explosive gases in conditions where a pellistor-based catalytic sensor may struggle,especially in a low oxygen environment, as pellistors need oxygen to function,” says Richard Dunn, portables product manager, Crowcon. “Also, in some industrial environments, pellistor sensors are at particular risk of being poisoned or inhibited, so leaving workers on their shift unprotected. In such environments, use of IR sensors significantly enhances safety and saves the cost of regular pellistor sensor replacement.”

The infrared measurement gives improved reliability over pellistor-based sensor systems:

  • A key advantage of the IR system is its application in low oxygen environments, particularly in confined spaces where the movement of air/gas is naturally restricted. In places such as fuel storage tanks, where an inert gas has been flushed through prior to maintenance, the low oxygen environment (typically, under 5% of the local atmosphere) means a pellistor-based sensor could not be relied on to test the level of fuel vapour.
  • Another distinct benefit is that a pellistor-based sensor may be poisoned by low levels (parts per million) of contaminants such as silicone or lead. Other compounds can inhibit them, for example hydrogen sulphide. This is a particular threat in the oil and gas industry. An IR sensor measures gas using two different wavelengths: one that absorbs gas and the other does not. This allows for easy measurement and high sensitivity to gases. With little chance of being poisoned, the Gas-Pro IR is inherently safer and saves the need of regular and expensive pellistor replacement when used in likely contaminated environments.

Gas-Pro IR measures in %LEL – standing for lower explosive limit – which is the lowest concentration of a gas or vapour in normal air capable of combustion in the presence of an ignition source.  Gas-Pro IR has been certified for use in hazardous areas as defined by both ATEX/IECEx and UL.

The Gas-Pro IR carries forward the simple calibration and easy testing that is synonymous with Gas-Pro range. The Gas-Pro IR range now completes Gas-Pro range which gives greater flexibility for sensor selection in a 5-gas multi-gas detector.

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